Friday, January 18, 2008

Almost there...

I finally got to talk to the case manager from the drug manufacturer this morning, she said if I could try to clear things up with the insurance company that would be wonderful. So I called the insurance company and it was a simple case of someone being sloppy and not doing their job properly. The prior coverage form was received, scanned, archived, noted in his file, BUT the one little box that you check to waive the pre-existing condition clause was not checked as it should have been done when all those other things were done. So finally we have contact - now I am waiting for a call back from the Infusion Center to schedule an appointment.

Okay you had to know I was going to complain about something right? Well here it is - I called the infusion center at 10:30 this morning and left a message on a voice mail box explaining and asking them to call me back right away. Well by 2:30 when no one had called I tried again - the receptionist wouldn't put me through again and told me that if I had left a message they would call me back and I just needed to be patient.

Is she freaking serious? BE PATIENT? This stuff should have all been taken care of on 12/21/2007 and one screw up after another by varying agencies has meant that we still don't have an appointment for him to get this infusion. I think I have been MORE THAN PATIENT! I would just like people to return their phone calls in a timely manner and with the level of urgency required by the situation. I think this requires great urgency because it has been dragging on for 4 weeks, four weeks in which my husband is not getting any treatment, 4 weeks where he continues to get worse with nothing slowing it down. But I need to be patient, uh yeah.

So I'm going to give her until 3:30 and I'm calling back - I promised my husband I would do everything in my power to get him that appointment scheduled TODAY and dammit I don't want to let him down.

In other news - he had his performance review yesterday - and they had the nerve to give him bad marks for attendance because he used vacation time as sick time. He didn't have to take any unpaid time - every day he took was a day he had earned. It makes me mad that he had to use his vacation time to be sick in the first place and now they give him bad marks on his review for it? Well I have the FMLA paperwork in hand and will be getting the doctor to fill it out. They won't do that to him again!

Edited at 4:40pm - called at 4pm got put on hold, gave up, tried again at4:30 - office is closed for the day and I got an answering service. So 6 hours later - she couldn't be bothered to return my call. I'll be calling 1st thing Monday and if I don't get a response I'll be calling every 1/2 hour until someone answers my damn question. It's time to be a bitch I think.


Meghan said...

Ugh! This kind of stuff is just CRAZYMAKING isn't it?! I feel for you, and yes absolutely time to be a bitch! The squeaky wheel gets the oil, and you've certainly been the squeaky wheel but if the receptionist is equally uncooperative Monday morning I'd ask to speak to her supervisor. Her job is probably to make sure people don't get through. I will channel you as much meanness and chutzpah as I can spare from afar on Monday! :-)

verybadcat said...

Yeah, I would call every few minutes till you get someone on Monday. I showed up at my doctors office years ago- his office was around the corner from my office, with a UTI that I ignored until it was a raging kidney infection. I was at the reception desk, asking about my doctor, and they told me that he was there but not taking patients until ten! I raised me voice and said "I ALMOST CAN'T PEE. I'M IN A LOT OF PAIN. CAN'T YOU JUST TELL HIM THAT VERYBADCAT IS HERE AND LET HIM MAKE UP HIS OWN MIND?"

Well, he came out around the corner, having heard me, and dressed those two girls up one side and down the other. He brought me back to his exam room and lectured me and threatened to hospitalize me, but I was out the door with a heavy antibiotic and orders for three or four days bedrest in twenty minutes.

Go up there if you have to. Make a scene.

Tricia said...

Well the problem that going up there is that they are a chemotherapy infusion center. Most of the patients they see are getting chemo and facing a lot. I'd hate to make a scene and upset someone who is there because they are probably dying. Plus it's not close to my work at all - so I'll stick to the phone but I will keep calling and sic the dr's office on them if I need to.