Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 4 - back to the whining - still no appointment

I just followed up with my husband's case manager, the infusion center has not called her back, the field person she said she'd try to send didn't get to them today but she also called and has not had a return call. The case manager said if she doesn't have any contact from them by the end of the day she will start working on an alternate site tomorrow morning.

I'm beyond livid. I hope that we do find another site to have this infusion at because these people obviously have NO concern for customer service if a phone call can't be returned for four freaking days.

Oh and another kudos for my dad - who is as we speak driving my husband to a dr.'s appointment in Albany. I am going to meet them both for dinner after his appointment and we are treating Dad of course!


Jennifer McKenzie said...

UGH!!! I hate it when people have you by the shorthairs and take advantage of it by being rude. I hope you can take your hubby elsewhere, but if not complain in writing.
Dang it! The last thing you need is THIS crap.
Sending you good thoughts. I'm glad your dad was there to help.

verybadcat said...

It's frustrating, wrong and absolutely unnecessary. However. If these people are going to treat such an important, life altering thing with such nonchalance and coldness, better to know that now and avoid them altogether, than let your husband be in a rough spot and need some attention and kindness from them and not be able to get it.

Your Dad, of course, rocks. :) That must be where you get it from.