Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Picking up a new blogging tool - the Thursday 13. So what 13 things shall I share today? How about 13 pet peeves? In keeping with the whining nature of my blog most days I will share 13 things that annoy the hell out of me:

1. Being watched - i.e. by Rat Bastard Trainer - herein after known as RBT. We are all grown ups here right?

2. Sunday Afternoon Drivers on Monday Morning - nuff said!

3. Children screaming just to hear their own little screams - my nephew loves to do this at the top of his lungs primarily he does this at the dinner table whenever there is company - it's really annoying.

4. Perky people - in general perky people make me want to hurl. I have one perky friend, she can't help it really it's inbred in her nature. I forgive her for her perkiness but I mock her for it too, she's okay with that.

5. People who try to tell me what to do who have no business telling me what to do!

6. Computer things that don't work the way they are supposed to work. I am far from commuter illiterate but sometimes the damn things just don't work and it pisses me right off.

7. People who give my husband and I a dirty look when we park in the handicapped parking spots. I guess if you aren't in a wheelchair or using a cane you must not be handicapped? They don't stop to watch him trip and nearly fall cause his feet don't work right as he walks in, just see him get out of the car on his two long legs and assume we're scamming the system.

8. Beautiful shoes that are uncomfortable - I am a shoe nut - love shoes - I used to suffer for fashion but now I'm more and more into comfort and style. I hate shoes that trick you into thinking they'll be comfortable and then you try to wear them for a day and they cut your feet to shreds.

9. When my ipod battery goes dead first thing in the morning and I left my charger at home.

10. People who drive slow in the far left hand lane!

11. People who are afraid to merge so they stop at the end of the on ramp causing traffic to pile up behind them.

12. Waking up with a cold wet dog nose on my cheek and a fat cat on my chest - one has to pee - one wants to eat - what about what I want - SLEEP dammit!

13. Copiers and printers that say Paper Jam when there is no freaking paper jam! Bring on the baseball bat baby!

And that is all I have to say about that! I said this the other day in jest and my husband called me Forrest!


Maxie said...


Jennifer McKenzie said...

LOL! This is GREAT Tricia. I know exactly what you mean about all of them.
Awesome TT Tricia. Welcome to the Dark Side.
*insert evil laugh*

Shieldmaiden96 said...

Oh my, yes. I'd have to add, people who work on their domestic issues/communication deficits in WALMART.

The randomly shrieking children make me want to break out the duct tape.