Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Today's the day...

Hubby get's his first infusion of Tysabri! Yeah! Hoping that he has no side effects and feels better soon! I am hoping for a miracle with this drug - but I've read of it having miraculous effects on others so it's not impossible.

Since I've complained about work a fair bit here's a bit of the good - I am working from home today. I connect via a VPN and can control my desktop just like I'm sitting at it but instead I'm in my nightgown, in my recliner chair, in my living room. That is a nice perk that I am allowed to do that sometimes. I will take 4 hours of personal time to take hubby to the infusion center.

Speaking of the infusion center - I may have a hard time biting my tongue while there about how very RUDE they were to not call back when I called every day for a week! But I will try to let that be water under the bridge. Hubby may not do the same though - he likes to take people to task for incompetent behavior. It's part of his charm (sometimes).

So there is my rambling start to the day - hopefully good news to report later.

UPDATE - Things went well, he had no side effects, no negative reactions, got a bit impatient that we had to wait and there was some confusion about co-pay etc. But once it was all figured out we were in good shape and here is the best news of all - no co-pay for this procedure - none at all!!!!!!! So no worries about the pocket book. He has his next appointment for scheduled for four weeks from today.

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Maxie said...

That is fabulous :-) I am so glad for you that it went well!