Monday, January 28, 2008

Rat-bastard trainer update

Not only did my slacker "trainer" talk to me about daring to walk to the cafeteria with "B" he also decided he would rat "B" out to one of the owners. He told said owner that processors were looking for "B" and no one knew where she was. She knows that this is an outright lie. Trainer and "B" have a long standing feud of sorts - he had to train her 2 years ago and has never liked her, and I think it irked him that I was spending too much time with her. I figure he must have seen us leave and this is what started all of this.

So "B"s boss called her in to tell her what was said, he was not angry with her in the least but wanted to know what had happened. Her boss is our division VP - he said he wasn't going to put up with this kindergarten tattle tale nonsense and that she shouldn't be concerned. At least I know where to go if this ends up affecting me in any way.

So now I am watching myself very carefully around rat-bastard. And today I kept watch of his time - he left for lunch at 12:30 and came back at 1:50 - hmmm seems like about 20 extra minutes to me? I know I'm a bitch - but well he started it.


verybadcat said...

I say file it away until you need it, but it never hurts to have leverage. :)

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I say start asking for him when he SHOULD be back for lunch.
But then, I'm totally passive aggressive that way.