Friday, January 25, 2008

Save the Condiments! Save the World!

Every workplace has at least one - they go by different names in different companies - some are Executive Secretaries, others are Senior Administrative Assistants, some are just plain Administrative Assistants on a power trip. These are the assistants who think that because the "assist" someone with a lot of power that they also have said power.

In my office she is known as the Office Manager - she is the Assistant to the President and takes her role very seriously. Most of the time her power trips have nothing to do with me and so I just ignore them. But today we all got this email from her:

The refrigerators will be cleaned Friday January 25, 2008.

Everything in the refrigerator and freezer will be thrown away. This includes water, soda, condiments etc.

Items need to be out of the refrigerator before 6:00

Someone made a sign that says "Save the Condiments, Save the World" and posted it on the fridge - she was FURIOUS - and we all laughed. But seriously - I understand that someone forgetting that left over chinese in the fridge for a month is a problem, but why throw away soda in cans? or bottled water? or my salad dressing? Really is that funky smell coming from the jar of raspberry jam I keep in the door? or from B's mustard? Really?

It's flat out tyranny in the office! Cubicle Dwellers Unite - well I better go rescue all my food items from the fridge so they don't get tossed when control freak starts her cleaning detail.

Save the Condiments - Save the World!


Maxie said...

I used to work at verizon and there were two girls in charge of cleaning out the fridge. They did it literally EVERY MONTH. They would post signs and send emails, but I'd always forget my sodas (along with other people) and instead of throwing them away they would DRINK THEM. seriously. it was so weird, haha.

Diesel said...

Very funny. I believe that condiments are the future.

verybadcat said...

Ah, the office fridge. Our fridge nazi threw a temper tantrum about the state of the fridge and ended up causing an avalanche that ended with her being sprayed with Pepsi. It rocked! I keep a cooler in my cube. We actually had to mount a camera that eyes the fridge because people were stealing food. The office fridge is a bad scene. :)

Save the condiments, save the world said...

Haha, wow, I keep hearing stories about work at big offices, but this one is one of the best. Hopefully I never have to journey into the cubicle-farm world.

I think you should superglue some things in the fridge, then watch her try to take them out!