Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A glimmer of hope

My dear husband had a job interview today - I am awaiting his call saying it's over and telling me what they said. The interview was close to home (6 miles away) so he would get home rather quickly but he's not home yet - so I hope that means good things for him.

I have no doubt this place will want him - they are a very small school district and they didn't advertise widely so they are unlikely to get a plethora of qualified candidates. He may very well be the best qualified with his years of experience and they seemed eager to speak to him. I am worried that a small school district will be unable to pay the salary he needs to get, but he works for a small non-profit hospital in the same county now and so maybe the school will be able to pay him similarly? Let's hope.

I'm anxious about it all - he is so unhappy lately, and his job is a big part of the overall picture. I just feel like if we can change that part the rest may start to come into line.

He is also about to start a new much more aggressive drug for his MS - Tysabri. This is a drug that was approved and then pulled and now approved again by the FDA with a black box warning. It's got some risks associated with it. At this point - they are worth the possible benefits. So we're working with his Dr.'s office, the infusion center (has to be done at a center like chemo), the manufacturer of the drug and my insurance company. They make us jump through hoops but hopefully the circus act is almost over and he can actually start therapy.

So there is hope - things may start to turn around for us - and hopefully it will all contribute to a happier 2008 because 2007 was not a very good year.

Edited to say - while the job interview went well and they undoubtedly will want him they told him the salary and it's $15,000 less annually than he makes now - that is not an option for him or us. So that job is a no go - but he did end up ranked 10th on a state list today - that is promising. Maybe all is not lost.

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verybadcat said...

Well, maybe his rank on the state list will pay off soon, and maybe the therapy will make him feel a little better and raise his spirits. :)