Thursday, January 24, 2008

Office Politics and Cubicle Nonesense.

I am new here - started on October 15th so just over 3 months. I am out of the initial probation period and allowed to use vacation time now. I am taking on more responsibility and my trainer is having less and less to do with me (which I think is great).

I like the guy who is training me, he's kind of like a big, dopey, teddy bear who is good at math. He has the smallest work load of anyone I know because he is a master at delegating and spends a lot of his time surfing the net, instant messaging with his wife, or in some other guy's cube talking about football, hockey, soccer, softball, baseball, etc. To say he is a sports nut would be understating the situation. So in an average day Trainer Guy comes in around 8:45 (start time is 8:30) and spends a few minutes checking email - sometimes he has actual work he can't pawn off so he has to do it but most days he makes his first round looking for people to talk sports with. He gets his coffee, chats in the break room, comes back and chats with the guy across the cube wall. He may work 2-3 actual hours in an 8 hour day and this is on a busy day. He also takes his 1 hour lunch break at 12:00 and then goes for a 20 minute walk at 1:00 with some other people from the office almost every day.

So what am I leading up to? Well today a different co-worker asked if I would walk across the parking lot to the cafeteria with her so she could get some breakfast. I did - it was 20 minutes of my time. Apparently Trainer Guy was looking for me in those 20 minutes and couldn't find me. He sent me an email asking if I had a training class or something? So I said - no, I went to the cafe for 20 minutes with B. And he stops by my desk to tell me this...

Uhmmm, well you probably shouldn't have gone at 9:30 in the morning, people were looking for B and no one knew where she was (how is this my problem?) And since I'm your trainer it looks bad if I don't know where you are, so if you are going to go you should tell someone but really you just shouldn't do it.

Really? this from the guy that everyone else wonders WHAT DOES HE DO ALL DAY? The guy who comes in late, takes an hour and a half lunch and leaves on time 90% of the time? The guy who manages to get other people to do the bulk of his work?

Yep - THAT GUY - lectured me about taking a short break in the morning cause I might make him look bad.

Ugh - maybe this place isn't so different after all?

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