Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's good to not be famous...

if you are going to have a complete mental breakdown. I was out today at BJ's Wholesale Club and every single magazine on one rack had Brittney Spears on the cover. Some called her crazy, others talked of her mental illness, one showed her in restraints being hauled off.

I'm no fan of Brittney Spears - never liked her music or particularly paid that much attention to her - but I am feeling sorry for her now. It seems she is going through a rough patch for sure - if she does indeed have a mental illness all the "crazy" press can't be helping. It certainly does seem she's been extremely manic since the birth of her kids if the tabloids can be trusted and maybe she needs some help and some privacy?

Oh well I rest safely in the fact that if I was going completely fucking out of my mind crazy - it would never make a single headline and at least that is something.

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verybadcat said...

I used to really hate her. Now I feel sorry for her- there isn't a single person involved at this point that actually cares about HER. So sad.