Friday, January 25, 2008

TGIF - can't wait for 5:30

So despite my elation over finally having an appointment for my husband's Tysabri infusion I have to say good riddance to this week. It has been a BAD week for me. I have spent most of it with my head feeling somewhat foggy (cold that won't die), I have made countless bitchy phone calls, I have had stomach upset from all the stress, I have eaten way too much of the wrong stuff, and I have made errors at work as well due to all this.

What kind of errors? Well nothing earth shaking or life altering. Nothing that puts my job in danger but stupid errors, things that could be avoided. Everyone has been kind about it telling me that they have all made similar mistakes but it doesn't make me feel better. I generally DON'T make stupid mistakes. So far this week I've made at least 3 and one of them required a process to have to rerun that too nearly 24 hours and put us even a bit further behind.

I am going to rest, relax, refresh this weekend. I can't have another week like this. I wish I could start my weekend right now.


verybadcat said...

Your other two posts tell the story- it was just a really rough week. Hopefully you'll have a really nice, calming weekend, and you can take comfort in knowing that Hubs has his appointment scheduled and take some time to "fill up your bucket".

I hate making small mistakes. I almost would rather do something earth-shattering. I always feel like the little mistakes were the ones I should have caught or could have prevented.

Maxie said...

I know the feeling. I can't wait to lounge all weekend... oh wait I have to work then too, lol

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