Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Monday - a.k.a. BITCH DAY

I have just arrived in my office. I am settling in after my long drive, going to get a steaming hot cup of hot cocoa and then I'm going to start calling that infusion center and if that receptionist tells me to be patient even once today I will not be nice - I will in fact tear her a new asshole. Today I've got my bitch on!

10:00 AM Update - called - got put through again no answer from the "chemo nurses" (the Tysabri) infusion is done in a chemo center) and I end up in a generic voice mail so I leave my message and tell them I expect to have this appointment scheduled TODAY in a firm voice. And now I wait - for 1 hour - I'm calling again at 11 if they haven't called me back.

10:44 AM Update - they called back - the ONLY person who knows anything about my husband's case was given my message on Friday (and she didn't call back) and now today she is out sick. There is NO ONE else who can help me???? And now I have to wait for tomorrow and hope she is back in. Is it just me or is it the height of STUPIDITY to have no back-up person for just such occurrences?

So another day I have to wait. If this doesn't get settled tomorrow I may request a new site and forget these people altogether -even if it means I have to drive further to take him.

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verybadcat said...

Go get 'em girl. Tell that receptionist that if she wants to have a decent day, she'll go ahead and put you through, otherwise she'll just be hearing from you every fifteen minutes. :)